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History has shown that events that are financially driven always cater to the major players and ignore and in some cases exclude the smaller or grass root companies and groups. The Martial Arts Show Live is different because without the smaller or less commercially driven groups that exist, there would be no event like TMAS Live! So, we have come up with a way to quite literally give you the chance to exhibit and play a part in TMAS Live for FREE, yes you read it right FREE! Not only FREE but with all the components provided to make your stand and being at TMAS Live an easy affair including (stand build/shell scheme, fascia name board, carpeting and lighting). Simply call us now and discover how by buying some tickets to the event, we will give you a FREE stand. Increase Your Exposure in 2012 We have created lots of opportunities to allow you the chance to not only exhibit but take advantage of various sensibly priced sponsorship packages, offering a greater experience for the visitor and exhibitor alike! About You and Your Company

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